Nursing, RN-BSN

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The Advantages of Upper Iowa's RN-BSN High Quality that is Accessible, Affordable and Flexible

Upper Iowa's RN-BSN program assists you, the registered nurse, in developing the skills you need to be successful in a rapidly changing environment of health care delivery. In addition, the RN-BSN program is designed to prepare you for advancement to leadership positions and/or graduate education.

Advantages of Our Program: Flexibility for learning to fit any lifestyle and any schedule

HYBRID Option 

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Provides the perfect mix of on-campus and online learning. The hybrid track meets for a three hour traditional class just four times during each eight week term (approximately 75% online). Hybrid courses offer the best of both learning environments.

Hybrid learning offers the benefits of on-campus learning including:

    • In-person, social interaction
    • Immediate feedback
    • Hands-on learning
    • Scheduled meetings

Plus, the benefits of online learning including:

    • Reduction in scheduled, on-campus meetings
    • Less travel time and related costs
    • Flexibility and convenience in scheduling your time for class work
    • Time to reflect before responding to discussions and other course activities

ONLINE Courses 

Courses are delivered entirely over the Internet, although some courses may have special attendance requirements. Online courses are NOT SELF-PACED; there are deadlines for assignments just as in other course formats.

Online courses provide:

    • Flexibility and convenience for student participation
    • Deadlines for course work and assignments
    • Travel time and cost savings
    • Time to reflect before responding to discussions and other class activities

Online courses are a good fit for learners who are:

    • Self-directed
    • Able to effectively manage their time
    • Technologically savvy
    • Able to work through barriers independently

"Are you ready for Hybrid or Online learning?" checklist

Enroll full-time or part-time

  • Full-time: Take two classes at a time and finish the nursing courses in just one year
  • Part-time: Take one class at a time and finish the nursing courses in 20 months

Unique Calendar

  • Eight-week terms, six terms per year.
  • Classes start every eight weeks

Leadership Preparation

  • Equips you with the practical knowledge you need to become a leader
  • Prepares you to apply your knowledge in a management or leadership position
  • Prepares you for graduate school


  • Varied teaching methods utilized to accommodate different learning styles
  • Carefully balanced curriculum
  • Highly qualified faculty with current practice experience
  • Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • Approved by the Iowa Board of Nursing

Faculty Guided Clinical Experience

  • Students complete practice learning experiences which are embedded assignments or projects in the clinical course. They draw from your current work experience or the theoretical content of the course.

Transfer Credit

  • UIU accepts transfer credit from accredited community colleges, four-year colleges, and universities.
  • Each student's transcript will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  • Transfer up to 78 lower-division credits (community college or freshman/sophomore level) and up to 12 additional transfer credits from a four-year university (junior/senior level courses).

Admissions Process

  • Apply online
  • Meet admission criteria (RN license, CPR certification, health and immunization status, GPA of 2.5 or higher, and satisfactory background check)
  • Begin right away – start meeting degree requirements while waiting to take the licensure exam or begin the nursing major. Classes start every eight weeks.

RN-BSN Nursing Curriculum

At the end of the program each student will:

  • Integrate theoretical knowledge and evidence-based practice in a collaborative health care delivery environment
  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork to improve outcomes in a selected health care setting
  • Manage technology and resources to communicate, support, and provide quality care within the health care continuum
  • Develop practices of life-long learning through seeking knowledge and assimilating professional standards, ethical principles, and legal accountability in nursing practice
  • Demonstrate personal accomplishment of the RN-BSN program goals and outcomes in an electronic portfolio


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