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The UIU nursing program requires the successful completion of 12 courses (35 credit hours). The BSN degree requires the successful completion of a total of 120 semester hours, including transfer credit and credit for coursework completed at UIU.

  • MATH 220 Elementary Statistics**
  • NUR 305 Professional Communication for Nurses
  • NUR 315 Professional Nursing Practice
  • NUR 325 Integrated Concepts of Nursing Care l
  • NUR 335 Integrated Concepts of Nursing Care ll
  • NUR 400 Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
  • NUR 340 Community Health Nursing (38 hours of project-based practicum)
  • NUR 420 Nursing Leadership and Management
  • NUR 450 Nursing Concepts Capstone l (38 hours of project-based practicum)
  • NUR 455 Nursing Concepts Capstone ll (38 hours of project-based practicum)

**MATH 220 Faculty assume you are prepared to take college level math.

After a math assessment, we may recommend or require additional preparatory math before beginning MATH 220.

Two nursing electives are required. Your elective choices include:

  • NUR 352 Exploring Transcultural Nursing (includes travel abroad experience)
  • NUR 430 History of Nursing
  • NUR 432 Honoring Self-Care: Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • NUR 434 Introduction to Global Health
  • NUR 436 Understanding Nursing Theory
  • NUR 438 Our Image: The Image of Nursing
  • NUR 440 Service Learning
  • NUR 442 Understanding Health Care Policy

Curriculum Plans:

To view the curriculum plans, please click on the links below:

The Online Center offers start dates in Term 1 Fall, Term 3 January, and Term 5 May:

CEP programs have a unique, blended curriculum plan.  Please refer to specific partner locations for current plans.