Transfer Students 

Conservation Management students studying in the field. Preparing to Transfer to UIU for Conservation Management


Conservation Management is a broad major which allows students to specialize their coursework through upper level electives as well as potential additional coursework in additional minors. As a transfer student, it is important to discuss your potential career interests with your academic advisor during your first meeting to help ensure that you are taking full advantage of the opportunities UIU has to offer.


UIU accepts up to 78 credits of transfer credits from community college possibly including some courses required in your conservation management major.

Note: Several community colleges have program-to-program articulations agreements with UIU's Conservation Management major. Please see the links below for the most current articulation agreements for your institution. If your institution is not listed below then please contact your admissions counselor and ask for an unofficial degree evaluation based on your current transcript.


Seeking employment in the field of conservation management requires dedication and experience. It is not uncommon for students to work several years of seasonal employment (summers or upon graduation) prior to securing a full time position. While many community colleges may have an internship experience that transfers in for our required internship experience (BIO 403), please consider making yourself stand out amongst your competitors by gaining even more experiences in your field. If you have troubles finding a paid position volunteer for an organization and commit to your volunteerism just like you would for a paid experience giving them your full time and attention.

Transferring to UIU for Majors within the Biology Department


The Biology Department contains several majors including Biology (with emphases in clinical lab science, pre-professional, general), Life Science (with a general emphasis for pre-service teachers or a plant emphasis), and Conservation Management.


UIU accepts up to 78 credits of transfer credits from community college possibly including some courses required in your major. Please see your specific transfer page for more generalizations about potential coursework which might transfer to UIU.

Transitioning to UIU

Transitioning from community college to a 4-year institution can sometimes be overwhelming. However at UIU, we have extensive services to help support you. The faculty pride themselves in their willingness to assist students in their classes and help their advisee's successfully transition to college. Please remember that it is very common to seek help from your professor when you are having challenges. UIU also has a wide variety of student support services to help you with you various needs.

Academic Advising

At UIU, you will receive one-to-one academic advising by full time faculty about your upper level electives and additional recommendations about coursework that will help you to meet your career goals. Please make sure to meet with your advisor regularly and share with them your career aspirations early and often.