Pre-Professional Students 

Science students attending a conference. Sara Sheeley serves as the pre-professional advisor for students interested in the health sciences at UIU. Her job is to help students prepare for admission to professional schools as they earn a Bachelor's degree at UIU. This includes, but is not limited to training in: medical, chiropractic, physician assistant, pharmacy, dental, optometry, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. General information for students interested in these fields is available via the links below. Please feel free to contact her at (, with additional questions.

Science students in lab. Student Timeline for Pre-Professional Careers

How Do You Become a Competitive Candidate?

Helpful Resources

Many students know that they are interested in the health sciences, but aren't sure which career they will ultimately pursue. The link below is a table comparing the recommended coursework for the professional schools above. This is a tool that can allow students to keep multiple health profession career paths open, should they choose.

Professional school preparation coursework comparison