Jennifer Stoffel

Jennifer Stoffel Associate Professor of Biology
Office: Baker-Hebron 104
Phone: 563-425-5847

"I am committed to increasing the awareness and relevance of biological, ecological, and earth sciences for students of all ages. I enjoy teaching college students and being able to provide personalized attention and teaching methods for each student. I am committed to providing students the opportunity to apply classroom concepts through inquiry based labs and activities. I also enjoy working with students and assisting them in their research."


B.S. in Biological Research: Loras College
M.S. and Ph.D. in Forestry: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Courses Taught

  • BIO 100 General Biology
  • BIO 120 General Botany
  • BIO 135 Principles of Biology I
  • BIO 231 Botany
  • BIO 325 Plant Physiology
  • BIO 335 Ecology
  • BIO 428 Plant Pathology
  • ES 220 Soil and Water Conservation

Professional affiliations

  • Ecological Society of America
  • American Geophysical Union
  • Iowa Academy of Science

Research Interests

I have strong research interests in identifying how land-use change, management practices, and climate change may influence carbon pools and fluxes both aboveground and belowground. I also enjoy helping undergraduates with research projects pertaining to soil physical and biological changes, forest ecology projects, and invasive species management projects.

Recent Presentations (Lead presenter)

  • Jennifer L. Stoffel; N. George; K. McCarville; J. Butikofer; K. Opel Ecology education in the post-secondary setting: opportunities abound for integration and transference. Poster at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting on August 2012
  • Jennifer L. Stoffel; S.T. Gower; D. J. Mladenoff; T. C. Balser; J.A. Forrester Microbial dynamics following small scale harvesting in northern hardwood forests. Poster at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting August 2009
  • Jennifer L. Stoffel.; S.T. Gower.; J.A. Forrester; D.J. Mladenoff. Soil surface CO2 flux of Northern Hardwood forest soils following experimental maniputlations. Poster at the Ecological Society of America August 2008
  • Jennifer L. Stoffel, S.T. Gower. Influence of overstory on soil carbon aggregation in forest plantation in Wisconsin. An oral presentation at American Geophysical Union: Soil Carbon Session 12/11/07
  • Jennifer L. Martin*; S.T. Gower; J. Plaut; B. Holmes. Carbon pools in a boreal mixedwood logging chronosequence. An oral presentation at North American Forest EcologyWorkshop 7/16/05

*Jennifer Stoffel (Martin)

Recent Publications

  • Lewandowski, T. E.; Forrester, J. A.; Mladenoff, D. J.;  Stoffel, J. L.;  Gower, S.T.;  D’Amato, A.W.; Balser, T.C. 2015 Soil microbial community response and recovery following group selection harvest: Temporal patterns from an experimental harvest in a US northern hardwood forest. Forest Ecology and Management 340: 82-94.
  • Forrester, J.A.; Mladenoff; D. J. Gower, S.T.; Stoffel, J.L. 2012. Interactions of temperature and moisture with respiration from coarse woody debris in experimental forest canopy gaps. Forest Ecology and Management 265: 124-132.
  • Stoffel, J. L.; Gower, S. T.; Forrester, J.A.; Mladenoff, D.J. 2010. Effects of winter selective tree harvest on soil microbial CO2 flux of a northern hardwood forest. Forest Ecology and Management 259: 257-265.
  • Martin*, J.L.; Gower, S.T.; Plaut, J. Holmes, B. 2005. Carbon pools in a boreal mixedwood logging chronosequence. Global Change Biology 11: 1883-1894.

*Jennifer Stoffel (Martin)