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FYS 108 First Year Seminar II Education

Credits: 1
Prerequisites: none

Through an introduction and exploration of a discipline-specific topic this course continues to help students engage the learning process at UIU and beyond. During this course students will practice different processes and behaviors that support learning while exploring the UIU collegiate environment. Students will practice meeting collegiate expectations and align collegiate expectations to those of society. It is an expectation that all first-time, full-time students transferring fewer than 30 hours of college credit take the FYS course series during their first year of enrollment. The majority of the course outcomes are “common” First Year Seminar (FYS) goals. That is, all FYS sections will address, practice, and evaluate these same outcomes. However, each section of FYS will be unique in the content used to accomplish these outcomes. This structure provides first-year students with common student learning outcomes and experiences which bring students together, and the format also offers exploratory content that may serve as a guide for personal exploration of their own.