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2020-2021 Academic Year Session 4

Courses available this session

Course Number Course Name Credits
ACCT 201Accounting Principles I3
ACCT 202Accounting Principles II3
ACCT 321Intermediate Financial Accounting I3
ACCT 322Intermediate Financial Acctng II3
ACCT 324Federal Taxation II3
ACCT 422Cost Accounting3
ACCT 425Auditing3
ACCT 431Advanced Financial Accounting3
ACCT 432Acctng for Not-For-Profit Orgztn3
ACCT 533Advanced Acctng Information Systems3
ACCT 552Forensic Accounting3
ACCT 553Advanced Managerial Accounting3
ANTH 110Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 214Visual Anthropology3
ART 202Painting3
ART 212Art History II3
ART 222Ceramics-Hand Building3
ART 412Advanced Painting3
ART 490Senior Thesis I1
AT 166Care & Prevention/Athletic Injuries2
AT 483Clin Prac in Exercise Prescription1
BA 210Management Principles3
BA 222Management Information Systems3
BA 256Quantitative Analysis/Business I3
BA 302Business Law and Ethics3
BA 303Business Law II3
BA 317International Management3
BA 325New Venture Creation3
BA 334Social Entrepreneurship3
BA 352Risk Management3
BA 356Quantitative Analysis/Bus II3
BA 361Human Resources Management3
BA 365Leadership Theory3
BA 371Training and Development3
BA 374Business Communication3
BA 383Compensation/Benefits Management3
BA 411Labor Relations and Negotiation3
BA 423Production/Operations Management3
BA 460Strategic Management3
BA 506Org Strategy/Econ Change3
BA 508Curr Issues:Corp Law/Ethics3
BA 511Corp Entr/Sustainabiliy3
BA 520Training and Development3
BA 524Managing in th International Envir3
BA 544Organizational & Mgmt Theories3
BA 546Compensation & Benefits3
BA 553Organizational Development3
BA 555Organizational Culture3
BA 560Org Diagnosis and Intervention3
BA 570Team Building Techniques3
BA 590Research Seminar3
BIO 100General Biological Sci3
BIO 135Principles of Biology I4
BIO 140Principles of Biology II4
BIO 165Human Biology & Nutrition3
BIO 268Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology4
BIO 280Plants of Iowa4
BIO 303Experience:Health Science Careers3
BIO 335Ecology4
BIO 381Cell & Molecular Biology3
BIO 393Herpetology4
BIO 396Molecular Tools I/DNA Techs3
CHEM 103Intro to Forensic Science Lab1
CHEM 152General Chemistry II4
CHEM 330Biochemistry I3
CJ 237Criminal Law and Procedure3
CJ 321Juvenile Delinquency3
CJ 333Criminology3
CJ 337Victimology3
CJ 365Introduction to Policing3
CJ 367Ethics in Criminal Justice3
CJ 380Introduction to Corrections3
CJ 388Comparative Study/Criminal Justice3
CJ 499Special Project3
COMM 105Public Speaking3
COMM 164Radio Workshop1
COMM 200Interpersonal Communication3
COMM 274TV Workshop1
COMM 276Intro to Television Production3
COMM 308Sports Writing and Reporting3
COMM 320News Editing3
COMM 334Public Relations3
COMM 352Rhetoric and Public Culture3
COMM 415Communication and Media Ethics3
COMM 498Senior Seminar3
CS 102Intro Cmptr Appl & Tech3
CS 122IT Infrastructure4
CS 140Intro to Programming4
CS 213Operating Systems4
CS 342Human Computer Interaction3
CS 400Project Mgmt & Integration4
CS 481Senior Capstone II2
ECE 334Field Exp:Infant/Toddler1
ECE 456Admin/Sprvsn:EC3
ECE 501Field Exp: Infant/Toddler1
ECE 556Admin/Sprvsn:EC3
ECON 160Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 161Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 212Agricultural Economics3
ECON 455Economics of Health and Health Care3
ECON 493Managerial Economics3
EDU 142Human Growth/Develop/Guidance3
EDU 162Diversity for Teachers3
EDU 252Computers/Instructional Technology3
EDU 253Math for Elem & Middle Sch Teachers3
EDU 306Field Experience I: Elementary2
EDU 307Field Experience I: Secondary2
EDU 308Field Exp I: Elem/Secondary2
EDU 309Tch El Movement & Wellness1
EDU 315Tchg Elementary Sch Social Studies3
EDU 325Teaching Elementary School Math3
EDU 326Developmental Reading/Language Arts3
EDU 337Tchg Health K-123
EDU 407Diagnostic Assess Prac:Rdg/LA3
EDU 425Content Area Literacy3
EDU 448Cltrl/Linguistic Diversity3
EDU 461Environmental Issues Instruction2
EDU 507Diagnostic Assessment Prac:Rdg/LA3
EDU 509Prac: Elementary Reading3
EDU 510Practicum:Secondary Reading3
EDU 512Educational Research Methods3
EDU 516Best Prac:Res Based Tchg Strat3
EDU 525Content Area Literacy3
EDU 533Math Daily 33
EDU 534Instructional Coaching3
EDU 540Methods/Curr:Gifted Educ PK-123
EDU 542Practicum:Gifted Programs3
EDU 548Cltrl/Linguistic Diversity3
EDU 561Environmental Issues Instruction2
EDU 585Adv Instruc Issues/Meth:Rdg/LA3
ENG 101English Composition I3
ENG 102English Composition II3
ENG 122Writing Center Theory and Practice1
ENG 210American Literature II3
ENG 222Writing Center Thry/Prac1
ENG 290The Movies3
ENG 311Urban Cinema3
ENG 322Writing Center Thry/Prac1
ENG 335Tolkien3
ENG 352Best Sellers3
ENG 365Women and Literature3
ENG 372Poetry Workshop3
ES 100Introduction to Geology3
ES 117Natural Disasters3
ES 121Dinosaurs3
ES 161Intro to Environmental Science3
ES 175Earth Systems Lab1
ES 321Building an Eco-Economy3
EXSS 10022Walking for Fitness1
EXSS 102First Aid/CPR/AED Programs1
EXSS 226Foundations of Physical Fitness2
EXSS 280Personal/School/Community Health3
EXSS 354Methods/Tchg Strength/Conditioning3
FIN 288Personal Financial Management3
FIN 310Money and Capital Markets3
FIN 341Corporate Financial Management3
FIN 442Intermediate Financial Management3
FIN 446Bank Management3
FIN 513Financial Mgmt3
FIN 536Derivatives and Risk Management3
FIN 552Investment Management3
GEOG 200World Regional Geography3
GRAF 235Advertising Design3
GRAF 334History of Graphic Design3
GRAF 355Typography3
GRAF 480Senior Portfolio/Graphic Design3
HEA 512Finance/Budgeting:HE3
HEA 558Quality Improv/Accreditation3
HIST 101World History 1500-3
HIST 110American History to 18773
HIST 355Modern World History3
HIST 373Industrializtn & Reform, 1877-19143
HON 120Honors Behavioral Science3
HSA 306Long Term Care Administration3
HSA 344Population Health Mgmt3
HSA 360Health Care Law and Ethics3
HSA 440Health Services Administration3
HSA 460Health Services Policy/Regulation3
HSA 490Health Program Plan & Evaluation3
IS 310Systems Analysis & Design3
IS 320Enterprise Architecture3
IS 420Enterprise Sys & Integration3
IS 481IS Senior Capstone II2
IT 311Networking4
IT 420System Security and Risks3
LA 298Associate of Arts Capstone1
MATH 105College Mathematics/Applications3
MATH 107College Algebra3
MATH 115Trig & Analytic Geometry3
MATH 200Calculus II3
MATH 220Elementary Statistics3
MATH 303Mathematical Statistics II3
MBA 501Managerial Communication3
MKT 208Marketing Principles3
MKT 337Personal Selling3
MKT 358Consumer Behavior3
MKT 424Global Marketing3
MKT 479Branding3
MKT 504Mktg/Product Mgmt3
MUS 100Introduction to Music3
MUS 202American Popular Music3
NUR 305Professional Comm for Nurses3
NUR 325Integrated Conc/Nursing Care I4
NUR 340Community Hlth Nursing4
NUR 400Evidence Based Practice in Nursing3
NUR 420Nursing Leadership & Mgmt3
NUR 432Honoring Self-Care:Mind, Body, Spir2
NUR 436Understanding Nursing Thry3
NUR 438Our Image: The Image of Nursing2
NUR 446Prin Fiscal Resource Mgmt3
NUR 450Nursing Concepts Capstone I2
NUR 455Nursing Concepts Capstone II2
PA 305Grant Writing3
PA 320Political & Policy Bases of EM3
PA 364Public Administration3
PA 404Integrated Emergency Management3
PA 414Prin/Prac of Hazard Mitigation3
PA 430Cases in Public Administration3
PA 445Administrative Law3
PA 49801Senior Project Public Admin3
PA 49802Senior Project EDM3
PA 500Writing for Public Administrators3
PA 501Graduate Survey of Public Admin3
PA 502Intro/Program Evaluation3
PA 503Program Eval:Implem & Eval3
PA 505Organizational Behavior3
PA 509Theories of Leadership3
PA 511Govt/NFP Fin Mgmt/Control3
PA 522Psych/Cltr of Terrorism3
PA 539HC Info Tech Mgmt3
PA 547Volunteer Recruitment & Mgmt3
PA 566Econ Dev:Theory/Practice3
PA 590Research Seminar3
PHIL 150Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 202Contemporary Ethics3
PHY 113Introductory Physics II3
PHY 114Introductory Physics Laboratory II1
PS 100U. S. Government3
PS 230State and Local Government3
PS 368Political Parties/Interest Groups3
PS 380Congress and the Presidency3
PS 450Special Topics3
PSY 190General Psychology3
PSY 212Devel Psychology:Birth to Adol3
PSY 221Introduction to Human Services3
PSY 232Group Dynamics3
PSY 240Conflict Resolution3
PSY 302Substance Abuse3
PSY 310Social Psychology3
PSY 311Psychology of Women3
PSY 321Death and Dying3
PSY 323Cognition3
PSY 332Personality3
PSY 335Biological Psychology3
PSY 338Motivation3
PSY 340Industrial Psychology3
PSY 355Skills/Strategies in Helping Prof3
PSY 360Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 373Research Methods3
PSY 375Methods in Human Services I3
PSY 383Human Behavior:Social Environment3
PSY 392Social Work Prac II:Families/Groups3
PSY 397Social Gerontology3
PSY 445Learning and Memory3
PSY 454Issues/Ethics:Helping Professions3
PSY 49801Senior Project Psychology3
PSY 49802Senior Project Human Services3
PSY 49803Senior Project Social Science3
REL 120Intro to World Religions3
SA 401International Sport Mgmt3
SA 435Governance/Policy in Sport Org3
SA 501Sport Administration3
SA 503Ethics in Sport3
SA 520Sport Finance3
SA 570Research Methods/Sport Admin3
SA 582Current Issues in Sport3
SE 370Big DP/Warehousing/Data Mining3
SE 410Sftwr Test/Validation/Verification3
SOC 110Principles of Sociology3
SOC 220Social Problems3
SOC 240Diversity in the United States3
SOC 304Globalization3
SOC 347Deviance and Social Control3
SOC 361Marriage and the Family3
SOC 381Political Sociology3
SOC 384Social Welfare Programs/Policies3
SOC 418Applied Research Methods3
SPED 304Exceptional Persons3
SPED 462Indiv Behavior & Classroom Mgmt3
SPED 473Meth/Curr: Intellectual Disab3
SPED 478Meth/Curr:Mild/Mod Disab PK-83
SPED 573Meth:Intellectual Disabilities K-123
SPED 578Meth/Curr:M/Mod Disab PK-83
SPN 102Beginning Spanish II3
SPN 306Culture and Society of Spain3
THE 240Oral Interpretation3