Committee Charge: The University Policy Committee's (UPC) role is to ensure that new or revised University policies follow an approved format and process, and to recommend them for approval by the appropriate or assigned areas (ex. President's Council, Board of Trustees). When a new or revised policy is ultimately approved, the committee provides notification to University personnel and updates the university webpage from which all current policies can be accessed.  Finally, the University Policy Committee maintains existing policies through periodic review.

University Policy Definition: Except as limited by law, University Policy is a course or principle of action broadly applied across multiple areas of the institution in an effort to 1) Support the University's strategic direction, 2) Mitigate risk, and 3) Promote a culture of best practices.

Disclosure: Please reference each section below to find the appropriate policy you are looking for.  Also, we recommend that you use the search bar to specifically search for the policy you are looking for.

*UIU is in the process of converting our procedures into policies by going through the correct approval structure*

Section 100: Academic and Faculty Policies

100: Adjunct Faculty Teaching and Activity Load Policy

101: University Excused Absences and Make-Up Work Policy

102: Assignment of Credit Hours Policy

103: Copyright Policy

104: Human Subjects Application Policy

105: Standards for Academic Standing (SAS) Policy

106: Repeat Courses Policy

107: Academic Misconduct Policy

108: Determination of Faculty Qualifications Policy

109: University Assessment & Program Review Policy

110: Deployment/Readmission Policy

111: Animal Care and Use Policy

Section 200: Business and Finance Policies

200: Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

201: University Book Charge Policy

202: Post-Issuance Compliance Policy

203: Tuition Refund Policy

204: Compensation for Enrollments Policy

205: Merit Scholarship/Grant Policy

206: Purchasing Policy

210: Endowment Investment Policy

Section 300: Human Resources Policies

300: Bloodborne Pathogen Policy

301: Tuition Benefits Policy

302: Whistleblower Policy

303: University Staff Teaching Policy

304: Title IX Policy

305: Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Policy

306: Sexual Abuse and Molestation Prevention Policy

307: Workplace Violence Policy

308: Drug Free Workplace Policy

309: Volunteer Position Policy

310: Volunteer Time Off Policy

311: Consensual Relationships Policy

313: Background Check Policy

315: Family Medical Leave Act Policy

Section 400: Facilities and Safety Policies


Section 500: Information Technology Policies

500: Acceptable Use Policy

501: File Sharing

502: Email Policy

503: Web Accessibility and Compliance Policy

504: Password Policy

505: Website Privacy Policy

Section 600: Ethics and Records Policies

600: University Official Transcript Acceptance Policy

601: Code of Ethical Conduct Policy

602: Conflict of Interest / Conflict of Commitment Policy

Section 700: Student Life

700: Health Insurance Policy for UIU Students

701: International Risk Management Policy

702: University Residency Requirement Policy

703: Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Substance Abuse Policy

704: Tobacco Free Policy

705: Posting Policy

706: Clery Act Compliance Policy

707: Animals on University Owned or Controlled Property

Section 800: External Affairs Policies

800: University Name and Trademark Policy

801: Gift Acceptance and Gift Reporting Policy

802: Solicitation and Gift Processing Policy

803: Privacy of Donor Data Policy