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Committee Charge

The University Policy Committee’s (UPC) role is to ensure that new or revised University policies follow an approved format and process, and to recommend them for approval by the appropriate or assigned areas (e.g., President’s Council, Board of Trustees). When a new or revised policy is ultimately approved, the committee provides notification to University personnel and updates the university webpage from which all current policies can be accessed. Finally, the University Policy Committee maintains existing policies through periodic review.

University Policy Definition

Except as limited by law, University Policy is a course or principle of action broadly applied across multiple areas of the institution in an effort to:

  1. Support the University’s strategic direction.
  2. Mitigate risk.
  3. Promote a culture of best practices.

UIU Policies

Policies are grouped by topic/area. You may also find it helpful to use the search bar to search for a specific policy.