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Logo of Upper Iowa University

From its humble beginnings, Upper Iowa University was created to bring people together in the name of higher learning. The sweeping, crossing pattern is a modern graphic representation of this. The design also characterizes the spirit of interconnection UIU brings to its students both nationally, and across the globe. But the most immediate recognition of this emblem is the depiction and portrayal of the UIU mascot. This brings the peacock full circle by making it part of the branding of UIU, giving the mark full ownership to UIU as a higher education identity that truly stands out among others.

Since being founded in 1857, Upper Iowa University (UIU), a private, nonprofit university originating in Fayette, Iowa, has brought tens of thousands of people together in the name of higher learning. In addition, UIU's athletics program and its beloved Peacock mascot have long been a source of pride for UIU students, alumni, and others. Over the years, higher education and UIU have both evolved, with UIU now serving thousands of students each year through its Fayette Campus, 21 U.S. education centers, innovative online offerings, and even a location in Hong Kong.

But while UIU continued to advance at breakneck speed, the University and Peacock logos had not; both had begun showing their age. To better align with its innovative spirit while still maintaining a strong commitment to student success and tradition, UIU recently updated the University logo. The new logo was publicly unveiled for the first time on Thursday, April 20, to more than 400 people at a Logo Launch Party at UIU's Fayette Campus, as well as many hundreds more via a Facebook Live stream to other UIU locations around the U.S. and Asia.

The previous University logo, nicknamed the "Towers" logo, had become outdated as UIU modernized its academic offerings and the brochures, websites, and other items the University used to communicate with new and current students, alumni, and others. Having already engaged an outside agency to redesign the University look and feel, it became clear that the old University logo no longer fit with the new direction. Those working on the new logo and brand were very careful to speak with a large number of students, employees, and many other friends of the University to have confidence in the image that will represent the University for years to come.

While it is difficult to create any image that resonates with such a diverse group of people, feedback from the logo launch parties held on April 20 was overwhelmingly positive about the new set of university logos, tagline of "Education Built for Life," and the fresh look and feel. After all, it is a brand built on the foundations, traditions, and spirit that reside in all of Peacock Nation, and a brand that speaks to our innovation, pride, and bright future.