Employment Opportunities


 Location  Job Description  Date Posted
 Head Strength & Conditioning Coach  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Head Strength & Conditioning  5/18/2018
 Executive Director of Admissions (Internal Search)  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - ED of Admissions  5/15/2018
 Office Manager (Baton Rouge)  Baton Rouge, LA  Applicant Portal - Office Manager (Baton Rouge)  5/15/2018
 Admissions Counselor (National Market)  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Admissions Counselor NM  5/11/2018
 Director of Human Resources  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Director of HR  5/07/2018
 Admissions Counselor - Dual Enrollment  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Admissions Counselor Dual  5/04/2018
 Assistant Women's Basketball Coach  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Asst Women's Basketball Coach  5/03/2018
 Instructional Designer I  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Instructional Designer I  4/25/2018
 Custodian  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Custodian  4/23/2018
 Application Analyst/Programmer  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Application Analyst/Programmer  4/23/2018
 Veterans Benefits Specialist  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Veterans Benefits Specialist  4/19/2018
 Center Director (Fort Polk)  Fort Polk, LA  Applicant Portal - Center Director (Fort Polk)  4/19/2018
 Assistant Director of Financial Aid (Internal search)  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Assistant Director of FA (Internal)  4/06/2018
 Admissions Counselor  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Fayette Admissions Counselor  4/06/2018
 Customer Service Specialist  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Customer Service Specialist  4/04/2018
 Office Manager (Blackhawk)  Janesville, WI  Applicant Portal - Office Manager (Blackhawk)  4/04/2018
 Assistant Professor of Education  Waterloo, IA  Applicant Portal - Assistant Professor of Education  4/04/2018
 Office Manager (Wausau)  Wausau, WI  Applicant Portal - Office Manager (Wausau)  3/27/2018
 Assistant Strength & Nutrition Coach  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Strength & Nutrition  3/21/2018
 Records Processing Specialist  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Records Processing Specialist  3/16/2018
 Admissions Counselor (Rockford)  Rockford, IL  Applicant Portal - Admissions (Rockford)  3/12/2018
 Office Manager  Alexandria, LA  Applicant Portal - Office Manager (Alexandria)  2/28/2018
 Band Director  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Band Director  2/21/2018


 Job  Location  Job Description  Date Posted
 Administrative Assistant for Teacher Education  Bettendorf, IA  Applicant Portal - Admin Asst Teacher Ed QC  5/18/2018
 Assistant Athletic Trainer Interns (3)  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Assistant AT Interns  5/15/2018

Graduate Assistant

 Job  Location  Job Description  Date Posted
 Graduate Assistant - Prospect Research and Reporting Associate  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - GA Prospect Research  5/15/2018
 Graduate Assistant of Annual Giving  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - GA Annual Giving  5/15/2018
 Sports Communication Graduate Assistant (2)  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - GA for Sports Communication  5/15/2018
 Graduate Assistant - Cross Country/Track & Field - Jumps/Sprints  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal #712  8/17/2017


 Job  Location  Job Description  Date Posted
 Teaching Leadership Adjunct Instructor  Online  Applicant Portal - Teaching Leadership  5/17/2018
 Talented and Gifted Adjunct Instructor  Online  Applicant Portal - Talented and Gifted  5/17/2018
 English as a Second Language Adjunct Instructor  Online  Applicant Portal - ESL Adjunct Instructor  5/17/2018
 Reading Adjunct Instructor  Online  Applicant Portal - Reading Adjunct Instructor  5/17/2018
 Special Education Adjunct Instructor  Online  Applicant Portal - Special Education  5/17/2018
 Early Childhood Adjunct Instructor  Online  Applicant Portal - Early Childhood  5/17/2018
 Biology Adjunct Instructor  Des Moines, IA  Applicant Portal - Biology Adjunct Instructor  5/1/2018
 Religion Adjunct Instructor  Des Moines, IA  Applicant Portal - Religion Adjunct Instructor  5/1/2018
 Management Information Systems Adjunct Instructor  Des Moines, IA  Applicant Portal - MIS Adjunct Instructor  5/1/2018
 Psychology Adjunct Instructor  Baton Rouge, LA  Applicant Portal - Psychology Adjunct Instructor  3/28/2018
 MPA Adjunct Instructor  Milwaukee, WI  Application Portal - MPA Adjunct Instructor  3/22/2018
 CS, IS, IT Adjunct Instructor  Waterloo, IA  Applicant Portal - CS, IS, IT Adjunct Instructor  3/20/2018
 English Adjunct Instructor  Waterloo, IA  Applicant Portal - English Adjunct Instructor  3/20/2018
 Adjunct Instructor - Marketing, Criminal Justice, Law, Business, Accounting and English  Cedar Rapids, IA    10/19/2017