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Employment Opportunities

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Location Job Description Date Posted
 Compliance Coordinator  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Compliance Coordinator  11/15/2017
 Custodian  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Custodian  11/10/2017
 Admissions Counselor  Cedar Rapids, IA  Applicant Portal - Admissions Counselor Cedar Rapids  11/9/2017
 Office Manager  Prairie du Chien, WI  Applicant Portal - Office Manager PDC  11/9/2017
 Director of Financial Aid  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Director of Financial Aid  11/7/2017
 Assistant Professor of Education  Des Moines, IA  Applicant Portal - Assistant Professor of Education (Des Moines)  11/7/2017
 Assistant Professor of Education  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Assistant Professor of Education (Fayette)  11/7/2017
 GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Lecturer   Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - GIS Lecturer  11/2/2017
 Full Time Lecturer in Mathematics  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Full Time Lecturer in Mathematics  11/2/2017
 Assistant Professor of Mathematics/Statistics  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Assistant Professor of Mathematics/Statistics  11/2/2017
 Assistant Professor of Marketing  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Assistant Professor of Marketing  11/2/2017
 Lecturer in Performance Studies-Communication Studies  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Lecturer in Performance Studies-Communication Studies  11/2/2017
 Assistant Professor of Psychology  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Assistant Professor of Psychology  11/2/2017
 Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice  11/2/2017
 Director of the MPA Program  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Director of the MPA Program  11/2/2017
 Facilities Technician II  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal - Facilities Technician II  11/2/2017
 Admissions Counselor  Waterloo, IA  Applicant Portal Admissions Counselor Waterloo  10/23/17
 Student Support Specialist  Waterloo, IA  Applicant Portal Student Support Specialist  10/18/17
 Student Financial Services Coordinator  Waterloo, IA  Applicant Portal Student Financial Services Coordinator  10/13/17
 Academic Specialist  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal Academic Specialist  10/3/17
 Director of Athletics  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal Director of Athletics  9/12/17
 Center Director - Fort Riley  Fort Riley, KS  Applicant Portal Center Director Fort Riley  9/12/17
 Customer Service Specialist  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal Customer Service Specialist  8/18/17
 Writing Center Director  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal Writing Center Director  8/17/17
 Center Director - Des Moines  West Des Moines, IA  Applicant Portal Center Director Des Moines  8/17/17
 Office Manager - Madison  Madison, WI  Applicant Portal Office Manager Madison  8/17/17
 Academic Affairs Director  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal Academic Affairs Director  8/11/17
 Center Director - Fort Leavenworth  Fort Leavenworth, KS  Download -Center Director  6/9/17
 Executive Director of Admissions  Fayette, IA  Download - Executive Director of Admissions  6/2/17
 Development Officer  Fayette, IA  Download - Development Officer  5/4/17


 No openings at this time.      

Graduate Assistant

 Job  Location  Job Description  Date Posted
 Graduate Assistant - Cross Country/Track & Field - Jumps/Sprints  Fayette, IA  Applicant Portal #712  8/17/17


 Job  Location  Job Description  Date Posted
 Adjunct Instructor - Marketing, Criminal Justice, Law, Business, Accounting and English  Waterloo, IA    10/19/17
 Adjunct Instructor - Marketing, Criminal Justice, Law, Business, Accounting and English  Cedar Rapids, IA    10/19/17
 GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Adjunct Instructor  Fayette, IA    9/15/17
 Fisheries Adjunct Instructor  Fayette, IA    9/8/17
 Adjunct Instructor (Sociology or Political Science)  Fayette, IA    8/31/17
 Drama Director  Fayette, IA    5/23/17
 Adjunct Instructor (Master of Public Administration)  Online, Madison, Milwaukee    4/5/17