UIU's Board of Trustees

For more than 160 years Upper Iowa University (UIU) has benefited from the devotion, service, and contributions of many thousands of its alumni and friends. From this broad constituency, a relative handful of individuals have been asked to assume the special responsibility and honor of serving as trustees. The performance of those invited to serve in this capacity is directly related to the continued vitality and strength of the institution.

Members of the board of trustees of UIU serve as ultimate fiduciaries in their oversight of institutional affairs in accordance with the university’s charter, bylaws, evolving statements of mission and purpose, and institutional plans. In serving in this critical capacity collectively as a governing board, the trustees hereby clarify for themselves and for those invited to join them what is expected of its individual members.

All individual trustees are expected to have a deep and abiding commitment to the university’s values and traditions as an exceptional liberal arts institution. In their words and deeds, trustees should dedicate themselves to upholding and strengthening the university’s tradition of providing a high-quality liberal arts education to its students at a level of excellence commensurate with its growing reputation as one of the finest liberal arts universities in the country.

Officers of the Board of Trustees (effective July 1, 2015)

Chair – Dennis Murdock
Vice Chair – Steve Harms 
Treasurer – Richard Andres 
Secretary – John R. Falb


Daniel J. Alfonso
Nancy Betz
Mary Cheddie
Peter Clemens
Bill Cook
Josem D. Diaz
Dr. Margaret Lawson
Scott Lebin
Roger Mangan
Michele Matt
Bernard Pattison
Mike Prochaska
Lowell Tiedt
Neil Wilkinson

Trustee Emeriti

Howard Fischer
Barry Smith

Non-Voting Faculty Representatives

Dr. Jeffrey Butikofer
Sheila Crook-Lockwood

Non-Voting Student Representative

Kelsey Simpson, Junior, Fayette

Non-Voting Alumni Representative

Angie Joseph, President, Alumni Association