Artist's Statement
My work references relationships; starting with the individual and moving out in concentric rings effectively creating a community. As a whole the work addresses the ideas and processes of community, environment, chance, emergence, pluralism, and historical narrative. Through various images, words, and expressions, a variety of "acts" surface and are conveyed as blue prints, plans if you like. The process seems well suited toward these ends; that which approaches the metaphor of Plato's Cave, a framing of metaphysics, aesthetics, and ethics. By using an indirect method, I hope to approach the content in my work: chance, pluralism, emergence; with the way I use the materials. I am at once intimate and immediate and at the same time I am granted the position of peripheral disinterest. I am able to observe a process and be active in the process at the same time.

"Darkness, breath and touch, sound, speech, presentation, discernment of relation, figuration and naming: this is the sequence of emergence. These narratives of light in the darkness all record the emergence of the figures and forms of human making from conditions of unintelligibility; they are in this sense, narratives of what has had to proceed, of the emergence of, the narrative voice itself. In creating images of divine agents for such making, they set forth a space for the appearance of human culture." Susan Stewart

I make paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings which I think of as emblematic but not derivative, sometimes brushing up against sentiment, and at other times lyrical.

John Siblik