Dr. Katherine McCarville

Assistant Professor of Geosciences
Office: Baker-Hebron 12
E-mail: mccarvillek@uiu.edu
Phone: (563) 425-5233

Dr. Katherine McCarville is the Assistant Professor of Geosciences at Upper Iowa University. Dr. McCarville earned her B.S. in geology at the University of California at Los Angeles, and her MSc in geology from the Colorado School of Mines, where she studied mineral deposits.

Dr. McCarville's doctoral work was completed at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in the area of vertebrate paleontology.

Her interests span the earth-and-environmental sciences, and often cross disciplinary boundaries. Dr. McCarville enjoys teaching a diverse set of courses in the earth sciences and recently taught a section of the first-year seminar (Wellness Strategies) at Upper Iowa. Recently, Dr. McCarville has been engaged in implementing a classroom-response system and assessing its effectiveness as a learning tool.

Dr. McCarville enjoys mentoring students, and has supervised student projects in trumpeter swan restoration, wildland fire education, fish species of the Grand Canyon, assessment of a local shooting range for lead contamination, and GIS-based studies of the distribution of algific talus slopes that serve as refugia for Pleistocene species. Her own current scientific interest is the biogeography of fossil and modern swans in North America.