Dr. Aaron Haines

Assistant Professor of Biology
Office: Baker-Hebron 105
E-mail: hainesa@uiu.edu
Phone: (563) 425-5222

Hello, my name is Aaron Haines and I am Assistant Professor of Vertebrate Biology at Upper Iowa University in the Division of Science and Mathematics.   My professional research interests involve identifying more effective approaches to implement on the ground conservation strategies to benefit species of conservation concern.  Conservation strategies may include the use of spatial models to identify priority areas in need of protection or management, habitat restoration projects that benefit multiple wildlife species, and effective implementation of government conservation incentive programs for private landowners whom manage for endangered and threatened species.

As a Professor of Vertebrate Biology at Upper Iowa University my teaching objectives include: 1) keep the students attention and interest though my experiences, current events, and class activities, 2) challenge a student’s way of thinking by offering different points of view, 2) make students aware of the big picture (i.e., Why are they in the class?  Why are they doing the assignment?), 3) learn from the students on how they are best able to learn, and 4) provide plenty of activities (e.g., group activities, assignments, outdoor labs, group discussions, etc.) so class material is retained.   

At Upper Iowa University I plan to continue pursuing my research interests and fulfilling my teaching objectives. Please follow the links below for research projects I am involved with.

For more information please visit my Website at www.uiu.edu/~hainesa/.