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Social Science 

As a Social Science major at Upper Iowa University you are part of the Teacher Education program, which is committed to preparing teachers who are well informed, reflective, professional, competent, and sensitive to the diverse needs of their pupils. You are provided with current, practical, applied knowledge and a variety of classroom experiences. The Teacher Education program is dedicated to the development of teachers with personal education philosophies and systems of beliefs that encourage a lifelong commitment to inquiry and excellence.

Learners preparing to teach Social Science areas in the secondary school will meet the requirements for a Social Science major to include requirements in specific endorsement areas. Learners must complete a minimum of 39 hour major including 15 credits in at least one of the following endorsement areas: American History, American Government, or Economics, Sociology*, or Psychology*. The learner must complete 15 semester credits in each area in which they seek licensure. See your academic advisor for clarification of these requirements.

The revised requirements for teacher licensure in Social Science have been submitted to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners - please contact your advisor. *Must be done in conjunction with another endorsement. A minimum of 30 upper division credits required; 15 credits in the major.

LOCATION: Main residential campus in Fayette, Iowa, Online and UIU Educational Centers


Note: A minimum of 30 upper division credits required; 15 of the 30 in the major.

At least one of the following: (3)

(3) BA 160 Microeconomic Principles
(3) BA 161 Macroeconomic Principles
PS 100 U.S. Government
PS 230 State and Local Government
PSY 190 General Psychology
SOC 110 Principles of Sociology
HIST 100 World History to 1500
HIST 101 World History since 1500
HIST 110 American History to 1877
HIST 111 American History since 1877

At least one of the following: (3)

PSY/EDU 142 Human Growth, Development and Guidance
PSY 212 Developmental Psychology: Birth-Adolescence
PSY 222 Developmental Psychology: Young Adult-Late Adult
PSY 201 Adjustment
PSY/SOC 283 Human Behavior in Social Environment
PSY 335 Biology and Behavior
PSY/SOC 397 Social Gerontology
PSY 432 Personality
At least one of the following: (3)
EDU 152 Assessment and Psychology*
PSY 373 Research Methods
PSY 444 Assessment

At least one of the following: (3)

SOC 220 Social Problems
PSY/SOC 232 Group Dynamics
PSY/SOC 260 Gender Roles
PSY/SOC 310 Social Psychology
SOC 361 Marriage and the Family
SOC 363 Social Stratification
PSY/SOC 384 Social Welfare Programs
PSY 454 Issues and Ethics in Helping Professions

At least one of the following: (3)

ANTH 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SOC 240 Diversity in the United States
EDU 162 Diversity for Teachers*

* These courses meet a goal in the major but do not count toward the 39 credits needed for the major.

Note: Those seeking secondary teacher certification in the State of Iowa in Psychology must already be certified at the secondary level or concurrently seeking endorsement in American History, American Government, or Economics.


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