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Public Administration (certification in Fire Science or Law Enforcement)

As a student in the Public Administration program, you will learn how to become a government official who can make effective use of public resources. You will enhance your understanding of public organizations and develop the capacity to manage, plan and administer public policy.

You will develop the skills to adapt to changing political and social conditions, and function as well- informed, politically and morally sensitive administrators and citizens who think critically and ethically about the purpose, design and function of government organizations.

At UIU, you can choose an emphasis in either Fire Science or Law Enforcement as part of your Public Administration major.

LOCATION: UIU Educational Centers, Online, and Independent Study Program.


Public Administration Core:

(3) PS 100 U.S. Government
(3) BA 210 Management Principles
(3) PS 230 State and Local Government
(3) PA 364 Public Administration
(3) SOC 384 Social Welfare Programs and Policies
(3) PA 440 Public Budgeting Process
(3) PA 445 Administrative Law

One of the following (3):

PA 430 Cases in Public Administration
BA 454 Management Cases

Senior Project (3):

ID 498_11 PA General Emphasis
ID 498_13 PA Law Enforcement Emphasis
ID 498_16 PA Fire Science Emphasis

General Emphasis:

The public administration core of 27 credits and emphasis of nine credits must be completed for a total of 36 semester credits.

Three of the following (9):

BA 160 Microeconomic Principles
MATH 220 Elementary Statistics
BA 302 Business Law I
BA 303 Business Law II
BA 361 Human Resources Management
BA 362 Supervision
PS 362 The Legislative Process
PA 371 Urban Management
BA/SOC 390 Complex Organizations
PA 403 Internship
PS 411 American Constitutional Law I
PS 412 American Constitutional Law II


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