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The Psychology major provides you with the opportunity to learn about the origins and development of human behavior and mental processes, as well as the factors that influence changes of the same.

The Psychology major gives you a valuable foundation of knowledge that is important in a wide variety of fields, including business, communication, education, health, human services, and law. You also will be prepared to pursue graduate study in areas such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, experimental psychology, and social psychology.

Recent graduates have obtained jobs in business and consulting, child welfare and education, criminal justice and corrections, health care and gerontology, and human and social services. Other graduates have continued in graduate school to pursue an advanced Psychology degree.

LOCATION: Main residential campus in Fayette, Iowa, UIU Educational Centers, Online, and Self-Paced Degree Program.


(9) Required Courses 

  • (3) PSY 190 General Psychology 
  • (3) PSY 373 Research Methods 
  • (3) MATH 220 Elementary Statistics 

(3) Learning and Cognition (Choose one of the following) 

  • PSY 323 Cognition
  • PSY 445 Learning and Memory

(6) Individual Differences (Choose two of the following) 

  • PSY 310 Social Psychology
  • PSY 360 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 432 Personality

(3) Biological Bases of Behavior (Choose one of the following) 

  • PSY 335 Biology and Behavior
  • PSY 338 Motivation

(3) Developmental Changes in Behavior (Choose one of the following)

  • PSY/EDU 142 Human Growth, Development, and Guidance
  • PSY 212 Developmental Psychology: Birth to Adolescence
  • PSY 222 Developmental Psychology: Young Adulthood to Late Adulthood
  • PSY 397 Social Gerontology

(3) Capstone Experience (Choose one of the following) 

  • PSY 403 Internship
  • PSY 499 Special Project
  • ID 498 Senior Project

(9) Electives in Psychology (see full list of psychology offerings) 

Total = 36

At least 18 semester credits must be earned in courses numbered 300 or above.



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