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A Marketing degree from UIU prepares you for graduate study or careers in for-profit and non-profit settings by developing sound technical marketing skills and encouraging analytical thinking. Marketing is typically defined as all the organizational activities that seek to determine and meet consumer needs. Those needs are met by professionals applying the elements of marketing: product, promotion, distribution, and price. As a student majoring in Marketing, you will gain the understanding, skills, and experience necessary for success.

A solid background of general business skills and knowledge is necessary in a marketing career, and while completing your marketing degree, you will complete business core classes in accounting, business law, economics, ethics, management, management information systems, marketing, and statistics.

LOCATION: Main residential campus in Fayette, Iowa, UIU Educational Centers, Online, and Self-Paced Degree Program.


Business Core:

(3) BA 160 Microeconomic Principles
(3) BA 161 Macroeconomic Principles
(3) BA 201 Accounting Principles I
(3) BA 202 Accounting Principles II
(3) BA 208 Marketing Principles
(3) BA 210 Management Principles
(3) BA 222 Management Information Systems
(3) BA 302 Business Law I
(3) BA 341 Corporate Financial Management
(3) MATH 220 Elementary Statistics
(3) PHIL 202 Contemporary Ethics OR BA 225 Business Ethics
(3) BA 356 Quantitative Decisions in Business

Total: 36 credits

Area of Emphasis:

(3) BA 358 Consumer Behavior
(3) BA 403 Internship OR BA 499 Special Project
(3) BA 451 Marketing Research
(3) BA 456 Marketing Cases

One of the following (3):

BA 424 Global Marketing
BA 488 Economics of International Business

One of the following (3):

BA 315 Sales Management
BA 317 International Management
BA 337 Personal Selling
BA 355 Retailing
BA 363 Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication
BA 380 Marketing Management
BA 424 Global Marketing
BA 445 Contemporary Topics in Management
BA 459 Contemporary Topics in Marketing
BA 488 Economics of International Business

Total: 18 credits



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