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Human Resources Management

As a human resources manager, you will work to improve morale and productivity and to limit job turnover in the workplace. You will provide training opportunities to enhance employee skills and improve job satisfaction and working conditions. Dealing with people is an essential part of the job, and the Human Resources Management major will ensure that you are capable of dealing with such issues as employee benefits, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring.

You will take various business courses, which are essential to the human resources function at any organization, as well as courses in specific concerns such as labor relations, organizational behavior, business communications, industrial psychology and leadership.

LOCATION: UIU Educational Centers, Online, and Self-Paced Degree Program.


(3) BA 317 International Management
(3) BA 361 Human Resources Management
(3) BA 371 Training and Development
(3) BA 383 Compensation and Benefits Management
(3) BA 393 Personnel Selection and Evaluation
(3) BA 411 Labor Relations and Negotiation

One of the following (3):

PSY/SOC 232 Group Dynamics
SOC 240 Diverse Cultures in America
BA 362 Supervision
BA 365 Leadership Theory
BA 367 Cross-Cultural Leadership
BA 415 Cross-Cultural Negotiations
PSY 440 Industrial Psychology
BA/PSY 474 Organizational Behavior

Senior Project:

(3) ID 498 _05 Senior Project

Total: 24 credits


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