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Health Services Administration

If you want to direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of health care services, majoring in Health Services Administration is ideal. At Upper Iowa University, you will combine politics, business, and science in managing the human and fiscal resources needed to deliver effective public health services.

As a professional, you may work in administration or resource development in the public or private sectors, manage databases at a school clinic, develop budgets for a health department, create policies for health insurance companies, or direct hospital services. You may also specialize in planning, organization, policy formation and analysis, finance, economics or marketing.

LOCATION: Online and Self-Paced Degree Program.


Specific General Education Requirements:


(3) MATH 220 Elementary Statistics

Social Sciences

(3) PS 100 U.S. Government
(3) BA 160 Microeconomic Principles

Health Services Administration Major:

(3) BA 201 Accounting Principles I
(3) HSA 205 Introduction to the American Health System
(3) BA 210 Management Principles
(3) HSA 340 Health Care Ethics
(3) HSA 344 Population Health Management
(3) BA 361 Human Resources Management
(3) HSA 362 Financial Management of Health Services Organizations
(3) BA 365 Leadership Theory
(3) HSA 385 Legal Issues Related to Health Services Organizations
(3) HSA 440 Health Services Administration
(3) HSA 460 Health Services and the Political Process
(3) HSA 490 Health Program Planning and Evaluation

One of the following (3):

HSA 302 Managed Care
HSA 306 Long Term Care Administration
PA 306 Principles of Emergency Management
HSA 312 Community and Public Health
SOC 384 Social Welfare Programs and Policies

Senior Project:

(3) ID 498_19 Senior Project

Total: 42 credits



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