Cover of Volga River ReviewThe second volume of the Volga River Review features the fiction and poetry of Upper Iowa students, faculty, and staff from both the residential campus and the educational centers, as well as alumni. 

The Volga River Review was created as a project-based learning experience where students on the creative writing track for the English major would have the opportunity to edit, publish and publicize a literary journal.

Contributors for the Spring 2014 issue include Foster Cass '41, Dr. John Grummel, Kim Groniga, Dr. Melle Starsen, Lisa Dean, Dr. Kathleen Serley, Michael Becker '01, Tracy Ludvik, Skip Afzal, Bill Mech, Jonathan Stull '72, Dennis Miller, Lea VanHorn, Erin M. Teuton, Dennis Baldridge, Alison Reinhardt,  Samantha Vorwald, Donye Kuykendall-Burnette, Alex Ellis, Carli Jo Stee, William Kenney, Tiffany Stouffer, Erica Munich, Lucas Braun and Allyson Rose Herkowski.

Anyone interested in submitting creative work to next year's journal is encouraged to send a Word doc. by email to with the subject line VRR 2015.

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Download volume 2 of Volga River Review (pdf, opens in new window)

Download volume 1 of Volga River Review (pdf, opens in new window)

 VRR Volume 2 group
The editors and faculty advisor for Upper Iowa University's Volga River Review literary magazine recently held a launch party and poetry reading event to commemorate its publishing. Editors include (from left) Tiffany Stouffer, William Kenney, Erica Minich, Samantha Vorwald, Alex Ellis, editor-in-chief Allyson Herkowski and faculty advisor Dr. Adrianne Finlay, assistant professor of English.


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