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group fitness class

Group Fitness

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The Upper Iowa Recreation Center offers a multitude of group fitness classes and personal training services to assist in achieving any fitness goals. Group fitness classes are open at no additional cost to all UIU students and are available to UIU Employees and Community members for a small fee. For a more customized, one-on-one program personal training sessions can be purchased and scheduled with a trainer.

Summer Group Fitness Classes (May 15 - August 4)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Low impact   8:15AM-9AM   8:15AM-9AM
Bootcamp 11AM-11:45AM   11AM-11:45AM  


  • $30 for Rec Center Members
  • $45 for Nonmembers

2017-18 Fall Term 1 Group Fitness Classes 

Coming Soon!

Cost: 2017-18 School Year

  • $58 per semester or $32 per term for Rec Center Members
  • $98 per semester or $52 per term for Nonmembers

 Class Descriptions

All classes are subject to change or cancellation if there are few participants. Classes are also on a first come, first serve basis. If the class meets its capacity instructors have the authority to turn participants away.

Boot Camp

This class involves it all and keeps your body guessing. It utilizes cardio, strength, agility, and much more! If you want the best from your workout, this is the class to be in! Be prepared to sweat! For moderate to advanced fitness levels.

Butts & Guts

This class focuses mainly on core and lower body work! Abdominal and low back strengthening exercises for a strong core and proper posture. Glute, quad, and hamstring exercises to build strength and tone up your legs and booty. This class is for all fitness levels!

Cardio Kickboxing

Make your cardio training fun again! This class includes aerobic kickboxing to master your punches and kicks and then puts them into practice using boxing gloves and mitts. Need to relieve some stress? This class is for you!

High Intensity Intervals

This class is designed to get your heart rate pumping through intervals of cardiovascular and muscular endurance exercises. This class will be different every time and can be modified for beginner to advanced fitness levels. If your goals include weight loss this is where you want to be. 

Low Impact

This class is designed for the individual who prefers to work at a lower intensity and/or the participant who is just getting started in an exercise program! This class is designed to accommodate individuals who want less stress on the body without jumping or running. 

Muscle Attack

This class involves everything from kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and other fitness equipment. It is a great cardio and strength full body workout. For moderate to advanced fitness levels.

Triple Threat

Cardio, Core, and Strength. This class will get you a full body workout in one session with strength exercises for all major muscle groups, core work, and cardiovascular training throughout the workout. Beginners to advanced exercisers welcome!

TRX Circuit

TRX (Total body Resistance eXercise) uses a suspension trainer to leverage gravity and body weight to create exercises that burn fat and build lean muscle. This class will include a variety of functional exercises to help you get in the best shape of your life. Be sure to check out this latest fitness craze!

Water Aerobics This class utilizes fun movements in shallow water to work out your body without the strain and pain of land-based exercise. Class size is limited to 15 participants per class.
Weight Training

Train all your muscles using a variety of weight equipment! You determine how hard you work by choosing the appropriate weights. This class will strengthen all muscle groups and sculpt lean muscle. For all fitness levels.

Yoga Flow

This class will include basic and intermediate yoga poses with breath work done in a gradual progressive manner to enhance your yoga skills and knowledge. It is vinyasa style yoga that links poses together in a sequence to create strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. Modifications for poses will be shown to accommodate all levels of strength and flexibility.