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101 Things to do Without Alcohol

101 things to do without alcohol graphicIn Town Activities

1) Golf at Big Rock Country Club in Fayette
2) Go for a walk on the trail along the Volga River
3) Go for a bike ride around Fayette
4) Go camping at Klock's Island Park
5) Eat at Boike's Trailside Inn
6) Go to Shear Confidence Salon & Spa in Fayette
7) Go shopping at the Casual Corner in Fayette
8) Have some coffee at Pavo Blue
9) Attend a religious study
10) Grab a slice of pizza from Primetime Pizza
11) Have a monopoly marathon
12) Have a slumber party
13) Play charades
14) Have a poker tournament
15) Have a talent show
16) Play Twister
17) Read a book
18) Write a poem or short story
19) Play pool
20) Play darts
21) Play ping pong
22) Play checkers or chess
23) Exercise
24) Join a club
25) Start a club
26) Do yoga
27) Volunteer
28) Perform random acts of kindness
29) Learn to play a musical instrument
30) Write a blog
31) Facebook stalk
32) Have a movie marathon
33) Have a costume party
34) Clean your room
35) Organize your closet
36) Organize your desk
37) Rearrange your furniture
38) Clean up trash in a local park
39) Decorate blank t-shirts
40) Write a letter to your family & mail it
41) Send a friend a random postcard
42) Repair something
43) Braid someone's hair
44) Browse in the public library
45) Build a fort
46) Do your laundry
47) Play 20 Questions
48) Give yourself a facial
49) Make a bucket list
50) Make your own ice cream
51) Blow bubbles
52) Research your family tree
53) Try new foods
54) Start a scrapbook
55) Learn to knit or crochet
56) Bake cookies
57) Have a pillow fight
58) Learn to juggle
59) Paint a picture
60) Make some crafts
61) Start a collection
62) Make fried ice cream
63) Make deep fried Twinkies
64) Make fried pickles
65) Write a novel
66) Build things out of cans of food, then donate them to a local food bank
67) Write a letter to a friend & mail it
68) Learn a new language
69) Learn sign language

Seasonal Activities

70) Lie on the grass & look at the clouds
71) Plant a tree
72) Go to a farmer's market
73) Draw with sidewalk chalk
74) Have a water balloon/water gun fight
75) Play Frisbee golf
76) Fly a kite
77) Go sledding
78) Go swimming
79) Go canoeing or kayaking on the Volga river
80) Learn how to skateboard
81) Learn how to snowboard
82) Go snowmobiling
83) Play soccer
84) Go fishing
85) Play snow football
86) Carve pumpkins
87) Play tennis
88) Play volleyball

Out of Town Activities

89) Check out a variety of stores in Amish country around Hazelton
90) Visit Seed Savers Heritage Farm in Decorah
91) Visit the Fort Atkinson Preserve
92) Go shopping at Maurice's in Oelwein
93) Visit the World's Smallest Church near Festina
94) Get pampered at Eclips Salon & Day Spa in Decorah
95) Go to a movie in Sumner- Wednesday is free movie night for UIU students
96) Go bowling at Lilac Lanes in West Union
97) Visit the art galleries in Decorah
98) Go roller skating at Jewel's Skating Rink in Decorah
99) Visit the Vesterheim Norwegian-American museum in Decorah
100)  Go camping at Pulpit Rock in Decorah
101)  Visit Bily Clocks museum in Spillville

For more things to do without alcohol on the UIU Campus, contact:

Amy Tucker
Director of Student Activities  

Daryl Grove
Assistant Dean of Student Life
(563) 425-5209