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Elementary Education

Jill Preeshl

"The professors at Upper Iowa University are always willing to help with anything whether it was to better understand a concept or to provide real-life situation examples. I loved how involved each of my professors were in my classes. They were very accommodating. I would recommend Upper Iowa’s education program to anyone."

Jill Preeshl
Class of 2011
Elementary Education Major
First grade teacher at Clarksville Community School District

Upper Iowa University's Elementary Education program is committed to preparing teachers who are well informed, reflective, professional, competent, and sensitive to the diverse needs of their pupils. As a student, you will be provided with current, practical, applied knowledge, and a variety of classroom experiences. The Elementary Education program is dedicated to development of teachers with personal education philosophies and systems of belief that encourage a lifelong commitment to inquiry and excellence.

Current trends in teacher preparation include performance-based assessment and practical teaching experience. The UIU education curriculum is designed to meet the changing educational demands of curriculum including literacy development, integrated instruction, higher order thinking skills and practical skills (flexible management, computer technology and early teaching experiences).

You can choose from over 36 endorsement areas and grade levels. A few examples are: Pre-K-3 with Special Education, English/ Language Arts (K-8, 5-12), Physical Education (K-8, 5-12), Health (K-8, 5-12), and Basic Science (K-8).

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