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School Counselors: Dual Credit

Dual CreditsUpper Iowa University strongly encourages future Peacocks to take full advantage of dual credit courses while they are in high school. We suggest students take courses that will fulfill general education requirements, listed below:

  • A freshman level writing course & a sophomore level writing course: 6 credits
  • A speech course: 3 credits
  • A computer skills course: 3 credits
  • A mathematics course: 3 credits
  • A cultures course: 3 credits
  • Two nonperformance courses within the arts and humanities: 6 credits
  • Two courses within the natural sciences: 6 credits
  • Two courses within the social sciences: 6 credits
  • A history course 3 credits

Students normally receive full credit for college-level courses (C- and above) completed at other regionally accredited collegiate institutions. Developmental courses will not be accepted. Grades earned in courses accepted for transfer will appear on the student's Upper Iowa transcript. However, grade points earned at another institution are not transferred and are not figured into the cumulative grade point average maintained at Upper Iowa, but are included in calculating the major/endorsement grade point average.



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