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Faculty Support - uiuLearn Tutorials

These tutorials are available to support your use of uiuLearn.

Getting Started with uiuLearn

Access to uiuLearn & Your Course

How to Log in to uiuLearn

Find Your Course (My Courses Widget)

Find Your Course (Select a Course)

Daylight Experience

Daylight Walkthrough for Instructors (Video)

Daylight Mobile Walkthrough (Video)

Navigate uiuLearn Daylight

uiuLearn 101: Student Walkthrough (Video)

uiuLearn Instructional Tools for Faculty Video (Full Training Overview Session)

uiuLearn 101: The Basics for Faculty Teaching in Fayette & Centers (Video on Attendance Tool and Uploading a Syllabus)

uiuLearn Features


Detailed Accessibility Checking Tutorial from Desire2Learn (Video)

Web Accessibility Checking in uiuLearn (Video)


Add an Announcement


Associate Grade Items and Assignments

Create an Assignment

Create Grade Items for Assignments 


Create a Checklist


How to Delete Content or Start from Scratch (Video)

Import Course Content/Copy Course

Import Course Content/Copy Course (Video)

Text Editor: Embed Video

Text Editor: Insert Image

Text Editor: Insert Quicklink   

Text Editor: Insert Stuff

Course Banner

Customizing the Course Banner Image in uiuLearn (Video)


Associate Grade Items & Discussions    

Create a Discussion Forum and Topic

Create Grade Items for Discussions

General Education Assessment

GenEd Assessment in uiuLearn

GenEd Assessment in uiuLearn (Video)


Associate Grade Items and Assignments

Associate Grade Items & Discussions    

Calculate Cumulative Grade

Create Categories

Create Grade Items for Assignments  

Create Grade Items for Discussions

Create Grade Items for Quizzes

Setting Up Grades Using the Setup Wizard

Setting Up a Stand-Alone Gradebook

More Tools

Attendance Tool


Email Classlist


Upload Your Syllabus to Your Course


Create a Quiz

Create Grade Items for Quizzes

Other Related Faculty Support Tutorials


Using Panopto in uiuLearn

Panopto Instructor Walkthrough

Session Transition

Session Transition Instructor Guide


 Enable Turnitin on Assignments

Desire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace Tutorials

D2L Video Tutorials



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