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Course App for iPad and Android Tablets:

The UIU Center for Distance Education is excited to announce release of the LearningStudio Courses App for Android Tablet and Applie iPad devices.  The app is available for download from Google Play or the  Apple Store . Using the Courses App will be second nature to students. The user-friendly dashboard gives students a view to the most important activities across their LearningStudio courses.


Classroom Advantages:


When students download the Pearson Courses App, they have on-the-go access to their LearningStudio coursework anywhere with internet access. This expanded access makes learning more dynamic and planning for class more efficient.


The Courses App contains the following feature set:


  • View Course Content

  • View Activity Feed

  • View Calendar

  • View Gradebook

  • View Assignments

  • View Upcoming Due Dates

  • View Discussion Topics

  • Participate in Discussions

  • Download lectures to view or listen offline

  • Submit recordings and photos

  • Updated Privacy Policy


Android Tablet Screens: