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Teacher Education Program

The Andres School of Education offers programs for teacher licensure in prekindergarten-Grade 3, prekindergarten-grade 3 including special education, elementary education and secondary education in the content areas of art, physical education with health and coaching, business, English, life science (biology), all science, mathematics, reading and social science.

Additional teaching endorsements include English as a second language, health, journalism, reading, chemistry, earth science, American government, American history, economics, psychology, sociology, Spanish, Instructional Strategist I K-9 and 5-12, Instructional Strategist II Behavior Disorders/Learning Disabilities, Instructional Strategist II Intellectual Disabilities, and middle school and work experience coordinator.

To earn a teacher education major, students must complete specific education courses to learn teaching skills and content courses that will strengthen knowledge of the subject matter they want to teach. Students will need to select the grade levels at which they want to teach as well as the subject matter in which they want to specialize. For example: If you wish to teach students in grades 5-12, the subject matter you choose becomes your major. In addition, as an elementary education major you must pick at least one endorsement (minor) area. You will take courses in that area in addition to your major courses.

All education majors must complete a separate application to the Andres School of Education separate from the UIU admission process. For a person starting at UIU as a freshman, application and admittance to the Teacher Education Program typically occurs early in the sophomore year. Some EDU courses may be taken before the student is officially admitted into the Teacher Education Program.


  • Teacher-Prekindergarten-Grade 3 with Special Ed (Unified)
  • Teacher Prekindergarten Kindergarten
  • ESL teacher K-12
  • Teacher-Prekindergarten-Grade 3 (birth-grade 3)
  • Art K-8
  • English/Language Arts K-8
  • Foreign Language Spanish K-8
  • Health K-8
  • Mathematics K-8
  • Physical Education K-8
  • Reading K-8
  • Science Basic K-8
  • Social Science Social Studies K-8
  • Work Experience Coordinator (must also have a 5-12 special education endorsement)
  • Instructional Strategist I Mild/Moderate K-8
  • Instructional Strategist II Behavior Disorders/Learning Disabilities K-12
  • Instructional Strategist II Intellectual Disabilities K-12


  • Art 5-12
  • All Business 5-12
  • English/Language Arts 5-12
  • Foreign Language Spanish 5-12
  • Health 5-12
  • Industrial Technology 5-12
  • Journalism 5-12
  • Mathematics 5-12
  • Physical Education 5-12
  • Reading 5-12
  • Science Biological 5-12
  • Science Chemistry 5-12
  • Science Earth Science 5-12
  • Science All Science II 9-12
  • Social Science American Government 5-12
  • Social Science American History 5-12
  • Social Science Economics 5-12
  • Social Science Psychology 5-12
  • Social Science Sociology 5-12
  • All Social Science 5-12
  • Instructional Strategist I Mild/Moderate 5-12


  • Athletic Coach K-12
  • Middle School Language Arts
  • Middle School Math
  • Middle School Science
  • Middle School Social Studies



Last Updated 7/27/14