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Information Systems

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Information Systems

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Information Systems (IS) is an internationally recognized undergraduate major for students who want to design and implement effective solutions to meet organizational, societal and management needs for information and decision support. This highly dynamic major encompasses the effective design, delivery, use and impact of information and communications technologies in organizations and society. The importance of information technology and information systems to organizations and the need for well-educated professionals in the field is the basis for the Information Systems curriculum at Upper Iowa University. Whether implementing applications, providing management or decision support, managing complex systems projects, or helping organizations design business processes or cope with rapid change, IS professionals fill an essential need across all sectors of society.

In today's complex, interconnected world, the effective creation, distribution, and use of information via technology is central to daily life. Computer based information systems facilitate, enable and often define the relationships between corporations and consumers, buyers and suppliers, businesses of all sizes, social networks, and citizens and their governments. Understanding these relationships and effectively addressing the collection, flow, and distribution of information is vital to running a modern organization, enterprise or government agency.

What Can I Do With This Major?

IS majors often take jobs in consulting companies, major software firms, large corporations, and start-up companies.


Program Requirements
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Last Updated 9/29/15