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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

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Do you want to make a difference in your community? Consider majoring in Criminal Justice. Our communities depend on criminal justice professionals to protect us, respond to emergencies, and monitor the status of criminal offenders. By obtaining this degree, you will be prepared for the important work of maintaining the law, preventing crime, and ensuring public safety. The program offers relevant coursework to help you better understand the ethical principles necessary to function in the criminal justice system.

After graduating, you will be ready to pursue careers in a variety of fields including: police officer, harbor police officer, detective, county sheriff/deputy, bailiff, state trooper, security analyst, vice squad officer, insurance investigator, corporate criminal investigator, loss prevention manager, director of airport security, animal cruelty investigator, security operations manager, director of campus safety, director of corporate security, conservation officer, and private investigator.






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Last Updated 12/12/14