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Our students completed these projects.

Recent presentations

Senior mathematics majors gave talks on a variety of mathematical topics, including:

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Recent projects

Senior IT majors completed multiple projects, including:

Peacocks PC club (2009-2011)

Peacock PC Club Logo

The Peacocks PC club was formed by IT students to promote the "fun" aspects of computing. In addition, the PC club sponsored various community service events.

Monthly meetings included an interesting discussion topic or presentation, a film, Pizza and soft drinks, and a door prize drawing.

Parallel computer cluster

Student cluster scheme

We have integrated parallel programming instruction into our curriculum to prepare students for the multi-core future. To further this objective, students in the IT205 Computer Architecture course developed an eight node Beowulf cluster.

The cluster is used to study parallel programming and develop multi-server web configurations.

Internet radio station

IT Radio Scheme

Students in the IT310 Networking class completed an Internet radio project. The students assembled the server, installed media server software, and tested the configuration.

We look forward to establishing a web radio presence and developing content and programs for the university community.