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Welcome to the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics!

About us

Welcome to the department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, housed within the School of Science and Mathematics at Upper Iowa University.

Math faculty and graduates

The department consists of eight outstanding full-time instructors and approximately fifty highly experienced adjunct instructors who are dedicated to the mathematics and computing technology education of their students. With this dedicated group of individuals the department offers over 150 courses per year across a multitude of learning experiences (day and evening face-to-face , online, hybrid ) around the world (United States, Malaysia and Hong Kong). These courses meet the quantitative and technological needs of their students either as part of a general education mathematical or computing skills requirement or as part of a Mathematics or Information Technology major. The major programs typically produce 3 to 5 graduates per year. Department graduates in Mathematics typically find employment as secondary school teachers, business analysts or continue onto professional engineering degrees. Department graduates in Information Technology typically find employment in the education sector, health care industry and business enterprises.

School and Department mission and vision

We seek out those with the desire to learn and strive to inspire and empower them by promoting intellectual curiosity, fostering the habit of critical inquiry, imparting knowledge and skills, and instilling a global perspective.

As educators and active scholars in a changing world, we are engaged in building capacity to meet needs and solve problems that are locally important, regionally relevant, and globally significant.

Mathematics program mission

The mission is to help students develop their quantitative reasoning skills. Emphasis is placed on students being able to:

  1. Effectively communicate quantitative information and analysis.
  2. Efficiently utilize technology.
  3. Transfer their quantitative knowledge and skills to other disciplines and utilize these skills within their professional and personal lives.

Information Technology program mission

Information Technology has a mission to provide UIU's Information Technology majors and related sciences a broad and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Information Systems, their applications, and the users supported by these systems through the use of computation, technology (hardware, software and communications), analysis (analytical, quantitative and qualitative), and reasoning (abstract, inductive and deductive) . We will also provide all students of Upper Iowa University the ability to be Information and Technology literate by providing understanding of Information Systems and their applications for various disciplines through the General Education Requirements.